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Sensorfact Operator

Sensorfact: Manufacturing big impact through small changes

By Andrei Xydas

One of the most overlooked parts of the green transition is the key role of the manufacturing industry. In 2022, manufacturing was the highest emitter in the EU, above both households and energy producers, with 22% of carbon emissions. While it is unfeasible for many manufacturers to change their energy source in the short-term, improving resource efficiency is a win-win that can substantially and quickly reduce manufacturers’ emissions and costs.

This was the founding insight of Sensorfact which combines a software platform and algorithm with smart sensors to identify opportunities for manufacturers to optimise their resource use. Sensorfact provides an all-in-one, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution that monitors electricity, gas, water, and compressed air usage, and predicts maintenance needs. Typically, within a few short months Sensorfact identifies opportunities for new customers to, among other items, reduce their energy use by on average 7 – 10% through simple steps such as ensuring machines are turned on/off at optimal times, fixing faulty parts, and upgrading to energy efficient components. Manufacturers of all sizes and sectors can use Sensorfact, and if they did, total carbon emissions could be reduced by up to 2 percentage points in the EU alone!

This is why we are partnering with Sensorfact – it has a winning value proposition for the planet and the bottom line – both top priorities for manufacturers who are under pressure to reduce emissions while are the same time struggling to maintain profits in these inflationary conditions. Sensorfact’s product is unique in its delivery of immediate value all types of manufacturers, and we are excited to see new manufacturers joining the platform every day and doing their part for the green transition!