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Smart monitoring for the industry

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Sensorfact, an IoT data business supports European industrial SMEs to improve their resource efficiency through smart monitoring of electricity, gas, water, and compressed air usage, and prediction of maintenance needs.

HQ: Netherlands
Founded: 2016
Blume invested: 2023

”We decided to partner with Blume, as they have a deep understanding of the ESG landscape and a proven track record of investing in successful companies that are making a positive impact. But what really sets Blume apart is their commitment to their portfolio companies. They are not just passive investors who sit on the sidelines. They are actively involved in helping their companies succeed. They provide valuable advice and guidance, and they are always willing to open up their networks to help businesses connect with potential partners and customers. If you are looking for an impact investing firm that is more than just a number on a spreadsheet, then Blume Equity is the firm for you. They are a refreshing change of pace in the industry, and they are committed to making a real difference in the world.”

Pieter Broekema
Founder and CEO